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1000 Hours

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  • Select videos with a minimum of 1h and a maximum of 3h in length

  • This service has no filters. Whether by region, age, interest or gender.

  • 24/7 support

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2000 Hours

R$ 547.00
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  • Select videos with a minimum of 1h and a maximum of 3h in length

  • This service has no filters. Whether by region, age, interest or gender.

  • 24/7 support

4000 Hours

R$ 1997.00 R$ 997.00 50% OFF
  • High Quality

  • Without Password

  • Select videos with a minimum of 1h and a maximum of 3h in length

  • This service has no filters. Whether by region, age, interest or gender.

  • 24/7 support

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The Power Of Social Why Increase Your Watch Time on Youtube?

  • Reach the goal of 4,000 watch time hours
  • Ensure that your channel is monetized
  • Profit with YouTube advertisings
  • Get more access by highlighting your channel

Buy Hours for Youtube: Frequently asked questions

Watch hours are the metrics responsible for whether or not your channel is monetized on YouTube.

If you intend to be paid by YouTube from the content you post, you must have a minimum of hours of viewing for the platform to classify your channel as a channel to be paid.

It's simple, just choose the plan that fits your needs, put your YouTube username and select the video that should receive the watch hours.

Select videos that are at least 2 hours long to perform this service. Remembering that the bigger the video chosen for the process, the faster it will be finished.

To raise money from YouTube advertising it is necessary to be aware of the basic requirements of the platform.

Since 2018, YouTube has some rules that need to be followed in order for you to monetize your channel.

The requirements are: have at least 1,000 subscribers on your channel and at least 4,000 hours of viewing in the last 12 months.

4,000 hours is a lot, isn't it? But rest assured, Seguidores.com.br has the ideal plan for you to increase your hours now and be able to monetize your channel and profit from the advertisements that will be disseminated along with your videos.

After payment confirmation, your order will enter the queue of our system to start the process.

Delivery time will depend on the size of the video you choose so that we can perform the service.

The longer the video you select , the faster we finish the process.

The YouTube watch hours service is a process that must be carried out with great quality to ensure that the user's channel reaches the long-awaited monetization.

For that, the client must choose a company that offers a quality service and the guarantee that your goals will be achieved.

And this company is Seguidores.com.br, we are pioneers in marketing sales for social networks and leaders fired in this market.

Do not be fooled by false promises and cheap promises from other competing companies, the quality and the guarantee must always come first when hiring this service.

No. Your video must necessarily be free for any type of audience, whether by gender, age, mobile device, etc.

At no time can your video be in private mode, otherwise our system will not be able to make it the process of delivering your hours.

Sure. For this option, you need to contact our support team to make your purchase.

Remembering that you can install up to 12 times your payment.

You can also pay using the operators: PagSeguro, MercadoPago and PicPay.

We accept cards, boleto, cryptocurrencies, deposits and bank transfers (TED, DOC and PIX).

Step 1: Access your YouTube account that you use to manage your channel and sign in;

Step 2: Already on the YouTube page, click on the user icon or your photo and select Creator Studio;

Step 3: Now on the dashboard YouTube you can see the number of subscribers to your channel, on the same page click on View All in the bottom right corner;

Step 4: Now click on the gear and a small window will appear with some settings. You will go to the last option Unit of measurement of the display time and change from minutes to Hours and click Save; Step 5: After reloading Analytics, click on the menu in which This month appears and change it to Last 365 days;

Step 6: Now just look at the Watch Time section, where you can see the number of watch hours you've had in the past 12 months.

To find out how many hours you need to purchase, just follow the step by step above to find out how many hours your channel has added up in the last 365 days.

From there, just subtract the total hours your channel has from the 4000 hours needed for your channel is monetized.

Don't forget that your channel needs to have at least 1000 subscribers, if you don't have that amount yet, we have the best plans to help you beat that mark. & ;

When you buy 4000 hours of viewing for your Youtube channel, you will enable, in a few days, one of the requirements imposed by Youtube so that you can monetize it, and you can profit from the advertising.

The 4,000 hours of watch on YouTube are hard to reach, especially for new Youtubers, but now we have a quick fix.

We created the service that will increase the hours watched on your Youtube channel, streamlining the monetization of your channel.

With this service, you will no longer depend on Youtube to recommend, and the few hits received in the middle of so many other videos.

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