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Created in 2006, Twitter is one of the most popular social networks on the internet, after all, its attractive layout for users and the possibility of creating short posts with character limitation make communication faster, direct and succinct, besides giving rise to a new communication channel between people, companies, influencers and fans.

Like other social networks, Twitter is equipped with an algorithm-based mechanism to segment the audience, suggest profiles to be followed and rank the posts, especially the hashtags published, which also ends up leveraging the content posted on the social network and makes it easier to analyze the most talked about topics at the moment.

Twitter Followers - What are the advantages

Having many followers linked to your Twitter account means that all posts published will have more visibility, after all they will appear in the feed of other users, who can make comments, give likes, in short, interact with each other and also with those responsible for the posts.

When it comes to business profiles, this advantage is even more relevant, since by making comments, raising hashtags and interacting directly with customers, the company's engagement index with its consumer audience becomes higher and the profile, as well as the company, will be better positioned on the Internet.

In addition to engagement, a page with a good number of followers is also more popular and, for this very reason, it will be suggested to other Twitter users due to the algorithm system, because if a profile has so many followers, the system will interpret that it arouses great interest and, thus, will end up suggesting it to other users.

Business, personal and influencer profiles

Twitter allows the creation of personal and business profiles, in addition, it is widely used by influencers and for each type of user, it brings a number of benefits, it is worth knowing them more closely to know how to getthe best out of this tool:

1- For companies

Twitter is the ideal channel to get closer to the consumer, that is, talk not to him, but with him, in a direct and dynamic way, so it should be used by companies to give feedbacks, solve doubts, disclose news, receive suggestions, give feedback to possible complaints, among others.

This social network is also widely used to disseminate other content on the network, such as news posted on business blogs, links to access catalogs and online stores, publishing errata and testimonials from other customers, that is, it is the right channel to increase and improve your company's communication;

2- For individuals

Non-business users usually use Twitter to stay more informed, share stories, humorous content, follow the lives of famous personalities, interact with companies, view products, talk to other people, spread information, news, as well as share the content of other profiles;

3- For influencers

Beeing an influencer long ago stopped being a hobby or an extra activity. Today, digital influencers have figured out how to monetize their channels and the possibility to talk directly to their audience, such as the one allowed by Twitter, can and should be taken advantage of by them to increase their audience.

Through the tweets it is possible to present the news of the channels and publicize them, after all, it is common for influencers to be present in many of them, such as Facebook and YouTube,so Twitter can be used to update the followers about each content posted, in addition to getting feedbacks (whether they liked it or not, for example).

Follower acquisition

Followers knows how having a strong presence in the digital environment is essential to grow and increase the profitability of your business and, in this case, the amount of followers of your profilecan contribute and a lot to this.

With Followers it is possible to acquire exclusive Twitter followers packages, all in a secretive manner and at fair and competitive prices, a great opportunity to make your profile, whether business or not, take off in this social network that since its launch has been gaining more and more followers.

The acquisition of followers is an effective way to use the mechanism of algorithms in their favor, not by chance, thousands of companies and influencers perform this action, however this is not disclosed, after all, this is a strategy that really works.

Organic and acquired followers

If you are a user of social networks, you know how a profile with many followers is more attractive, while a profile with few followers can even generate distrust, after all, if a company or influencer is good, why doesn't anyone follow you?

Now, there are often few followers because the profile was created recently or its dissemination is low, but users do not think about it and simply ignore the page and they don’t start to follow it, a cycle that can be broken with the acquisition of followers.

No wonder, followers of Followers say that when buying packages of followers, the number of organic followers has increased, in addition, the profile started to be more publicized and suggested to other users through shares and the already mentioned system of algorithms.

So, instead of starting from scratch, make your profile pump on networks by acquiring more followers. Get in touch with us, get to know our packages and stand out on Twitter!

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