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Buy Followers for Instagram: Frequently asked questions

When buying Instagram followers, our super smart tool that allows us to find your demographic target.

We will be able to add your much desired followers on Instagram without having to generate ghost accounts and fakes to get the job done.

What it essentially means is that most of the followers you receive will come straight from real instagram accounts and active users.

Best of all, our prices are extremely competitive. In fact, we guarantee that you will not find a better value for your money anywhere else with proper quality.

We are not in the business for the money, but to help as many Instagrammers as possible.

Our services have your interests as a priority.

In addition to being a pioneer in Brazil, Followers is a leader in social media marketing services.

Providing a high quality service and offering great service, she is the favorite of great influencers, actors, football players, among other celebrities.

And when it comes to Instagram followers, our company offers the highest quality, the best followers in the market and we still offer the option of followers, mostly Brazilian and real

Yes. We offer the widest range of preferences possible.

You can choose the preferred country of origin, gender, age group, if the country of origin chosen is Brazil you have 3 options of states to give preference, you also have the option to split delivery within 30 days and you can choose the desired waiting time to start the service.

Note: we will deliver all possible users according to preference, if you do not have all the available quantity, we will add the rest at random.

Sure. We have a specialized support team that is ready to assist you in every step of the process.

Our 24/7 support works around the clock to ensure quick and permanent solutions to any problems that may occur in the process.

We always strive for the best relationship with our customers.

We will wait for your payment confirmation first.

After this confirmation the system will start the delivery of the followers, which usually starts in 1 minute, but you can also choose to let the delivery start after 5 minutes until 1 hour after the payment is confirmed.

You can easily pay with credit cards (up to 12x) and debit, bank slip, bank transfer (TED, DOC and PIX) and cryptocurrencies.

We work with the operators PagSeguro, Mercado Pago, PicPay and also with PayPal *.

Yes. We understand your concern, but it is completely secure for your business account.

We have a responsibility to follow all the platform's guidelines so as not to let your account run the risk of being punished by Instagram.

Definitely yes. In order for you to receive all followers it is necessary to keep your account public and ensure that your profile is active and with the same name.

For our system to work, we need your profile to be public and keep the same username.

After the end of the service you can return your account to private or rename it.

Make sure our service has come to an end before changing the privacy of your account.

Sure. There is nothing to forbid you to buy followers for any type of social network.

It is totally legal and safe.

You can buy Instagram followers with Seguidores.com.br without taking any risk.

Yes. If you are looking for fast growth for your profile, we have several service options that will help you to leverage your account with the best quality in the market.

We have likes, views, comments, among other specialized services that you only find with Seguidores.com.br and that will help you to reach the top quickly.

- PagSeguro is Brazil's leading online payment platform. We have worked with them for more than 10 years and even for purchases we always choose to pay with them because they protect the buyer and can open a dispute in case of non-receipt of the service or product.

- With PagSeguro you can buy Instagram followers with a bank slip or credit card (in this case, in installments up to 12 times).

- You may notice that there is a padlock next to our website address (SSL security encryption).

- With our system you will not inform your password, only the Instagram user, so it is impossible for your profile to be suspended.

We are proud to offer the cheapest value for safe and quality work, after all, we work with each client's public social media pages.

But if you are still afraid to invest in thousands of followers, we recommend buying 100 Instagram followers.

It is our smallest package for you to buy real Instagram followers for a super cheap and symbolic value.

You may know that your content on Instagram is good, but imagine how much better it can look if 10,000 more people agree.

Whether you're trying to become a celebrity on social media or just publicize and make your brand recognized on Instagram, it may seem tempting to pay for your first thousand followers on Instagram.

But, of course, if it's really that cheap and easy, all the influencers will be doing it. The answer is yes.

So, what is the trap? Is it legal and safe to buy Instagram followers for your business? Is it a worthwhile investment?

Next we'll answer any questions you may have about buying real Instagram followers to get a better idea of ​​how this really works.

We also explore the pros and cons, so you can decide for yourself whether it is a good deal for you or your brand.

Take advantage now to buy followers instagram promotion and if you need to buy followers instagram test before by the system of likes.

Or you can choose a smaller plan before picking up a big plan, like buying 100 instagram followers.

Yes, you can buy Brazil followers on Instagram and even get likes.

There are many free services on Instagram and others to buy cheap Instagram followers available that allow you to buy 1,000 followers for less than $ 50.

But, you will be paying only for the increase in the number of followers without quality and without guarantee in case they fail to follow.

It is really essential to publish quality content to generate user interaction.

As a survey will reveal, there are many inexpensive services that you can use to buy followers on Instagram.

For approximately R $ 80, you can gain 500 followers and, for approximately R $ 150, you can gain 1,000 followers.

Seguidores.com.br specializes in providing a higher quality service with a high number of real followers.

In addition to purchasing followers directly, you can also pay for services to strategically follow other accounts on your behalf according to your preferences (location, hashtag usage, type of account and gender).

Ideally, these accounts in a row will follow you back (see chat).

With this option, your followers are more likely to be real people, if your priority is simply to have a large number of followers, this service can definitely help you.

If you wish, you can also buy followers worldwide. When your number of organic followers decreases, this service helps you to attract other followers.

But remember the risks:

- These followers are unlikely to interact assiduously if your content is not of high quality;

- And if they notice that you share bad posts, they may stop following your Instagram profile.

Think of it this way: would you continue to follow an account if you saw that most of your "publications" are infrequent and of low quality? I suppose not.

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