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de R$ 97.00
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  • Alta Qualidade

  • Sem Informar Senha

  • Preferência por Sexo

  • Geralmente inicia em 1 Minuto

  • Maioria Brasileiros e Reais

  • Suporte 24h / 7 dias por semana

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de R$ 177.00
R$ 87.00
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  • Alta Qualidade

  • Sem Informar Senha

  • Preferência por Sexo

  • Geralmente inicia em 1 Minuto

  • Maioria Brasileiros e Reais

  • Suporte 24h / 7 dias por semana


de R$ 897.00
R$ 447.00
Special offer
  • Alta Qualidade

  • Sem Informar Senha

  • Preferência por Sexo

  • Geralmente inicia em 1 Minuto

  • Maioria Brasileiros e Reais

  • Suporte 24h / 7 dias por semana

It is not enough? We got more!

If you don't find the exact package you need above, you can customize your own. When looking for more Followers at Instagram, you will not only establish a larger online presence, but also get better discounts! In this case, contact us for a quote.

Your personalized plan


  • Alta Qualidade

  • Sem Informar Senha

  • Preferência por Sexo

  • Geralmente inicia em 1 Minuto

  • Maioria Brasileiros e Reais

  • Suporte 24h / 7 dias por semana


Why buy Followers Instagram?

By buying Instagram followers, our super smart tool that allows us to find your demographic target, we can add your much desired Instagram followers without having to generate ghost and fake accounts to get the job done.

What it essentially means is that most of the followers you get will come straight from real instagram accounts and active users.

Best of all, our prices are extremely competitive. In fact, we guarantee that you will not find better value for your money anywhere else with proper quality.

We are not in business for money but to help as many instagrammers as possible.

Our services prioritize your interests.

Buy Instagram Followers Does it work? Is it Reliable?

Short answer: yes, buying Instagram followers generates proven results.

Buying real Brazilian Instagram followers and buying Instagram likes with auto-delivery will allow you to:

- exceed 10,000 followers to add links to the stories (famous "drag up"), being able to promote your website, blog, services, etc;

- become an authority and popular in its area of expertise (Social Proof trigger), attracting more real and organic people;

- rank your profile, where Instagram will refer you to other people to follow you;

- rank your posts to be displayed in the Explore tab of Instagram;

- increase interactions since no one likes or comments on profiles with few followers/likes.

And why buy Instagram Followers at

At we take care of the security of the customer's profile, which nowadays is even more important than people's own identity document.

In addition to cherishing the quality of followers and our image, after all it is more than 10 years in the market, we have our own Instagram service, where we can customize the services according to the needs of each customer, see:

buy followers by gender 1- Choose the gender of your choice Choose the preference between receiving more female sex followers or male followers. If possible, we will deliver all of the genre of your choice according to the one chosen by the user in your profile.

2- Set the deadline you want to receive Brazilian followers You can divide their entry over a few days (e.g. 3, 7, 10 days) or months depending on the amount purchased (1, 2, 3 months), receiving followers gradually and organically. Usually our Instagram services start within minutes of payment being confirmed, but we also optionally let you start receiving followers after a few minutes or 1 hour after you have made the purchase. buy organic monthly followers slowly enter

buy Brazilian followers on Instagram choose country 3- Select the desired country By default we will deliver mostly Brazilian followers. But if you happen to want to receive from another country, you can also select another country. Having availability of users from the chosen country, these will be added, otherwise we will deliver Brazilians.

*All of the above settings you can change by clicking "View Advanced Options" during checkout.

4- Security and Service At you have a team prepared to help you at any time. Our chat service responds almost instantly, and you can contact you by email, DM on Instagram, WhatsApp and call center 11 3230-7822 Many people daily inform us that they have already bought followers elsewhere and have never received or had no guarantee. That's why we always warn: never buy on sites that only leave WhatsApp, they take your money, block you and disappear (there are many complaints in Complain Here for that).Already here at Followers you have access including our personal information, photos, etc. to maintain transparency and proving that we are honest, in addition to offering PagSeguro, a company that gives you a guarantee buyer, allowing you to open a dispute in case of non-receipt of services or products. secure and reliable instagram

How does Instagram Follower Purchase work?


  • After payment confirmation, you will receive followers
  • on your profile without having to follow others back.


  • We guarantee absolute secrecy.
  • We won't tell anyone you bought it.


  • Instagram followers (mostly real and Brazilian followers)
  • can unfollow if they are not interested in the content posted.
  • For this reason you will gain followers on Instagram in addition to the contractor
  • and replacement coverage for 45 days that you can request to receive yourself
  • in your client panel automatically and in minutes (as long as you have not put the profile in private mode)!


  • Give preference to some gender (e.g. female) and/or country (e.g. Brazil).


  • Unable to filter followers by region, state, city or interest


  • Your profile should be in public mode and without age restrictions while receiving followers.


  • You must agree to Instagram's terms of use

how to buy instagram followers

What is this Social Proof trigger?

By buying active Instagram followers or another package from our site, it will generate a viral effect, where people will see your high numbers, follow you and enjoy your photos more and more. Works with every influencer and will work with you. It is automatic.

buy organic monthly followers slowly enter

It's like going out to dinner and finding two restaurants: one with several people and even queue to enter and the other empty.

The tendency is for people to opt for full because it is other people's preference.

The same happens with your profile: several people access it daily (believe me) and few start to follow you just because you don't have many followers and seem to be an uninteresting profile.

Acquiring Instagram followers will also increase your chance to reach the famous Instagram "Explore" tab in Brazil, receiving even more Brazilian followers on Instagram organically.

Another advantage is that by acquiring 10,000 followers or more on Instagram with us, the option to add link to the stories will be enabled on your or your company's profile. Being able to sell advertising and promote your blog, store or website.

Buy Instagram followers easily, safely and immediately. Mostly Brazilian people, permanent, guaranteed and cheap.

Who has hired new Brazilian and real followers on Instagram?

Today, with more than 10 years in the market, we can say that we have already served every possible audience. And among these many customers who have chosen to increase the number of Instagram followers on, we can highlight the following profiles:

🤩 much of Brazil's top 20 digital influencers

? actors,

🎸 bands

🛍 online stores (highlighted fashion stores)

🏋️ ♀️ fitness bloggers

⚽️ soccer players (including the Brazilian national team, believe me!!!),

📸 photographers


👩🏻 common Instagram users, and several others et

Tip: See real reviews of customers who have already purchased followers with us at the bottom of the page (we keep each customer and their profiles confidential). Be sure to check!

Our media services

And can I buy Instagram PagSeguro followers? Is it safe?

- PagSeguro is the leading online payment platform in Brazil. We have worked with them for more than 10 years and even for purchases we always choose to pay with them because they protect the buyer, being able to open a dispute in case of non-receipt of the service or product.- With PagSeguro you can buy Instagram followers with bank slip or credit card (in this case up to 12 times in installments).- You may notice that there is a padlock next to the address of our website (SSL security encryption).- With our system you will not enter your password, only the Instagram user, so it is impossible for your profile to be suspended.

Can I buy cheap Instagram followers?

We value offering the cheapest value for safe and quality work, after all, we work with each client's public social media pages.But if you are still afraid to invest in thousands of followers, we recommend buying 100 Instagram followers. It is our smallest package for you to buy real Instagram followers for a super cheap and symbolic amount.

Buy Instagram followers

It's very easy to buy thousands of real Instagram followers, but why should you?

For less than R$20 you can buy a coffee at Starbucks or buy real followers on Instagram. The first option will satisfy your taste for coffee while the second can lead you to be an influencer and partner/profit from it.Buying Instagram followers with auto-delivery is incredibly easy and has become relatively cheap. In 2012, sold 1,000 followers for R$497. Now the whole process has been automated and you can buy cheap instagram followers brazil for a much lower amount. This is not much when considering that the most influential people can attract hundreds of thousands and even millions of reais in commercial agreements and advertising. "There are few disadvantages to buying followers on Instagram." "It is very difficult to be suspended if you follow Instagram rules, i.e. you post regularly and interact with other people." The interaction factor is important if you are buying followers to stand out from brands in order to get likes and partnerships. While big brands are concerned about how many followers an influencer has, the amount of "like" and comments received per post are also very important. "Brands are getting smarter considering the interaction rate per post compared to the number of followers." That's why tries to deliver the most active users on this social network, as well as sell comments, views and likes.The more followers you have, the greater the interaction in your posts, so that the ratio between the two is legitimate. With this, buying likes is as easy as buying followers on Instagram and still being relatively cheap; 10,000 will cost about R$ 77.00 on and you will receive them in a few minutes on your Instagram profile.There is no risk when buying followers from Brazil on Instagram. Instagram cannot suspend your account just for receiving real followers. Of course, there is also the question of your conscience. Yes, buying followers is quite common: it is not difficult to see someone's followers and determine that their fame has increased rapidly. But would you really feel good knowing that the success of your profile has grown thanks to This is a question you have to ask yourself before you start buying female followers or buying male followers. You can initially build trust for your profile in order to gain business partnerships with major brands.

Does buying followers on Instagram work?

You may know that your Instagram content is good, but imagine how much better it may seem if 10,000 more people agree.Whether you're trying to become a social media celebrity or just promoting and making your brand recognized on Instagram, it may seem tempting to pay for your first thousand Instagram followers.But of course, if it's really that cheap and easy, all influencers will be doing it. The answer is yes. So what is the trap? Is it legal and safe to buy Instagram followers for your business? Is it a worthwhile investment? Next we will answer all the questions you may have about how to buy real Instagram followers to get a better idea of how this really works. We also explore the pros and cons, so you can decide for yourself whether it’s a good deal for you or your brand.

Take advantage now to buy instagram followers promotion and if you need to buy instagram followers test first by the likes system. Or you can choose a smaller plan before you take a large plan, like buying 100 instagram followers.

Can you buy followers on Instagram?

Yes, you can buy Brazil followers on Instagram and even get likes. There are many free Instagram services and others to buy cheap Instagram followers available that allow you to buy 1,000 followers for less than R$50. But, you will only be paying for the increase in the number of followers without quality and without guarantee in case they fail to follow. It is really essential to publish quality content to generate user interaction.As a survey will reveal, there are many cheap services you can use to buy followers on Instagram. For approximately R$80, you can gain 500 followers and, for approximately R$150, you can gain 1,000 followers. specializes in providing a higher quality service with a high number of real followers.In addition to buying followers directly, you can also pay for services to strategically follow other accounts on your behalf according to your preferences (location, hashtag usage, account type and gender). Ideally, these accounts followed will follow you back (see in chat). With this option, your followers are more likely to be real people, if your priority is simply to have a large number of followers, this service can definitely help you. If you wish, you can also buy worldwide followers. When your number of organic followers decreases, this service helps you capture other followers.But remember the risks: these followers probably won't interact assiduously if your content is not of high quality and if they notice that you share bad posts, they may stop following your Instagram profile.Think like this: would you continue to follow an account if you saw that most of your "posts" are infrequent and of low quality? I suppose not.

Should you buy female and male followers on Instagram with auto-delivery?

Definitely yes, it is a good idea to buy followers on Instagram if you agree with the text above. The followers purchased are mostly active, real and Brazilian users, so some will be able to interact with your content, including unfollowing. Buying new followers will really help you quickly attract thousands of new organic followers to Instagram.

Are you buying followers to attract more organic and real followers on Instagram

The main reason Instagram followers can be a quality investment is that accounts that increase their numbers, in turn, attract other new and real followers.That's why we always advise you to buy instagram likes and buy Instagram followers if you want to work on your profile with new and attractive content for your target audience of followers.

When you acquire new followers, you will have a new focus: creating quality publications

The purchased Instagram followers who will give you follow insta will provide short-term value to your profile content, and you can interact i.e. you get likes, views and comments from them. The attention they will give in the first few days may not be there in the next few days if your Instagram account performance decreases in terms of posts and content quality.

Commitment to post regularly is critical for Instagram's algorithm to show posts to users. With more "likes", views or comments, your post will probably appear on the pages of the Explore tab and attract major brands.Having a lot of followers will convince new users to follow it organically, causing you to gain followers, this is guaranteed.

With new real Instagram followers to interact with your content and posts in public mode, your active followers will be able to share your post on their profiles and the account will grow organically causing you to get likes.

Benefits of buying real and active Instagram followers

  • Buying followers is a quick way to increase your perceived authority. This will help any account, commercial or personal, change from zero or little followers and no authority, to thousands of followers and with a lot of authority.
  • These services give you social credibility, like the popular school kid or the important guy in the office, always surrounded by people. With more credibility, more Instagram users will take you seriously and will also follow you daily.
  • The organic growth of Instagram followers will increase with the result of the above factors. This will really happen.
  • All types of online marketing that go through Instagram at some point will be more successful. Accounts with many followers seem more reliable than those with very few followers.
  • Those with social widgets on your website, which show follower numbers or likes, will see an increase in online sales, conversions and clicks on your website. Trust is difficult to get online, but the number of followers is a very strong social signal to achieve that trust.

Instagram is the best! Currently, the number of people using this app is over a billion. Instagram services are impressive and easy to use. It is a mobile app that runs on both Android and iOS.Instagram, with more than a billion people interacting with brands, companies, influential people, public figures, celebrities, fashion, travel and lifestyle, has given wings to all dreams and opens doors to various opportunities. At a time when people are migrating to mobile devices to buy, collect information and interact with the brand, Instagram has evolved according to current market conditions and needs.

See how can help you gain followers

Increase your fameEveryone wants to become famous, just like celebrities, always want to increase your fame. Whether you want to share your message or promote your product to a specific audience, Instagram is the best place.Create brand awareness to gain followersMultinational corporations and other important non-company brands use this social network to connect with the audience. If you want to get a sales conversion at a higher rate than expected, it's impossible without your significant presence on Instagram.Spread your message in a few minutesSince you're already in the market and making sales to real Brazilian people, who will promote your promotional offers and customer updates? Instagram is there for you. The active followers you buy will continue to share and tag important things.When you buy real followers on Instagram, you are not only validating the authenticity of your page, you are also opening doors to infinite reach.In the age of digital inclusion, the world has become a small and accessible place, but difficult to contact. We have eliminated this barrier that prevents you from reaching your audience and making your message heard and seen by many. You can grow your product or service by reaching millions of people in a few days. People from all regions can see your product in the form of an image and simply request it. According to one of the market research, this is the best method to sell a product quickly.Don't let people forget youIf you don't want your customers to miss a single moment of your service, keep reporting the added value you're providing. Teasers are released by celebrities to get a promotion. Millions of people who follow the brand run towards it, which causes a significant increase in sales.What do we provide? has custom packages to gain followers more and more. Simply select the one that suits you best and help you grow quickly on social media.

  1. Brazilian and real followers for Instagram
  2. Brazilian and real Instagram likes on posted photos
  3. Brazilian and real Instagram likes on future posts (automatic)
  4. Video views for Instagram
  5. Comments for Instagram
  6. Views in Instagram stories
  7. IGTV Instagram views
  8. High-quality social media services to ensure you stay on trend
  9. Have your brand advertised in word of mouth.
  10. Social media marketing campaign

See where it works Buy new followers for Instagram

One of the most important business locations is a website. You can make thousands of traffic to your website through Instagram. When you buy Instagram Likes, suddenly the success of the site increases. Your website is automatically promoted through social exchange. Buying active Instagram followers can also lead you to social media marketing. You can be a figure or public brand after getting Instagram followers with our secure method since we don't need your password.Here you will have the option to instantly buy real and Brazilian followers on Instagram. You don't have to wait for your Instagram profile to appear in user search. There are many advantages to wanting to purchase our services. If you are looking for a reason:Let's start with a business reason. If you started a small production company or a service-related company, you should require an additional sales technique. Without this, it will be difficult for you to grow. Similarly, you must be interested in the target market for your message to reach them.Another important thing is the scope. By gaining followers you can increase the reach of your product or service to millions of people in days. All your territories can see your product in the form of an image and simply purchase it.

Buy now the best package of Brazilian and real followers on Instagram

If these reasons are not enough to buy Instagram followers, keep one thing in mind. Social proof is a universal rule that the higher your numbers, the higher the demand. If you want to get some kind of business, product, service or website, this is the most practical solution. When you need to do an Instagram promotion, get likes on Instagram and see the result of the social proof! Instead of spending thousands of dollars on these email marketing, search engine advertising and telemarketing programs, just spend a few reais to buy followers and get a tremendous result right now!

Do I have to buy followers on Instagram?

Yes! You have to do this because Instagram is a platform where more than 90% of profiles are verified over the phone and is the best place to attract potential customers. Many business owners, celebrities and individuals have their profile on which they enjoy popularity and, throughout that, are making a lot of money. If you are starting your Instagram career, you should buy thousands of Instagram followers.A simple rule of life that says that "if you have good relationships in your life with others, you can do maximum benefits," the same rule applied on Instagram. If you have a lot of followers on your profile, it will increase your business and popularity to the next level. It will also increase your online presence and highlight your business as a popular entity to attract more customers, potential customers and fame by gaining followers. Features as a well-established Instagram store, offers tracking of every order while you gain followers and likes.

  • Immediate delivery
  • 100% satisfaction
  • Customer service for 14 hours a day
  • Order tracking
  • 45-day replacement warranty
  • Affordable packages
  • Privacy protection
  • 100% safe method
  • SSL certificate - Secure Sockets Layer

Buy Instagram followers and comments

Instagram is a social network and a mobile app at the same time. This allows your users to upload images and videos with various effects on photos, such as filters, frames, retro colors, etc. and then share those images on the same platform or on other social networks.

What is the use of buying Instagram followers?

Buying Instagram followers has been practically a must for many companies and people interested in seeing their customer network grow.Instagram is one of the most important social networks nowadays for many companies and therefore make users interested in their profiles a necessity to increase sales. Hence the importance of having greater social reach on Instagram and more likes . Success does not come alone and if you seek good benefits with a website, forum or platform that has been created, you should advertise the space in such a way that it means a benefit. This issue led to the need to buy Instagram followers and increase the radius of users to achieve promotion.Instagram, along with other social networks, marked a turning point in the way you get to the sites. Although a few years ago only web search engines were used to see what the first results were, now social media searches, including Instagram, are much larger and there are many options to get the user to what they are looking for.Similarly, the more relevant a profile is on that social network, the greater the visibility they will get and, consequently, get to your site, selling products or services on Instagram will be much easier. That's why buying followers for Instagram has become so popular in recent years.

Why is buying Instagram followers so necessary?

Of each of the work being done to grow customers on this popular social network, buying followers on Instagram has become one of the tasks that works best when it comes to investing in this business for which it doesn't need many hours of dedication.

But what is the use of growing Instagram followers?

1. Learn and be heard.Growing up on Instagram is a good way to interact, learn and meet other people. There's no point in sending messages or talking on social media if you don't have followers.In addition to increasing followers and likes on Instagram, you should also be dynamic, participate continuously to become known, and not just like a robot.2. Strengthen personal brand.Social networks are the ideal space to design the skills of the people who make them stand out and be different. The next step is to develop a brand and, by gaining new followers on Instagram, the network of contacts increases. To increase the social mass it is essential to invest in a startup, so the importance of buying followers for Instagram.An important reason to get followers on Instagram is that with this we will be able to reach more people and it is very likely that followers will help share the published content and thus strengthen the brand.3. To market and increase sales.Sometimes you want to have more followers just to promote certain products, services or brands and that's a mistake. If you are going to buy followers for Instagram, make sure that the content you generate is quality and not just talk about what you offer. What you should look for is always adding value to posts shared on your Instagram.Probably, finding a balance about what you share on Instagram will be the key. As you can see, it's not only enough to buy followers for Instagram, but you have to offer value.In the case of companies and influencers, the number of followers they have is very important, so there are many who decide to invest in online followers to gain new followers on Instagram and grow their active social network.4. Bring more traffic to the web or blog.If you have a website or a blog for sure, one of the goals is to get likes and more traffic to it, i.e. people who visit it. This is one of the reasons why many are encouraged to join Instagram. They seek to attract people interested not only in an Instagram profile, but in a web or blog behind it. We highly recommend you to buy test followers and try it.5. For new ideas and blog articles.Join social networks, Instagram in particular and be aware of what users say to each other and you can have new ideas for blog posts or your website. This is another reason to buy Instagram followers and Instagram likes. By achieving more interaction, you will be able to see what your target's interest is and create content on your website or blog based on it.6. Influence value.Another factor or reason to buy followers for Instagram is influence. One advantage of having a high following is that if you have any protests or complaints with a brand, the opinion of an influential user will certainly have a lot of weight. With this, the user will be much more likely to be served by the brand. In conclusion, buying followers for Instagram implies an increase in a user's social influence and likes on Instagram.

Completion of buying Instagram followers

The first step to achieving a successful account on this social network is to buy followers for Instagram. The next step is to interact and participate as much as possible with quality and assiduous content from your niche. Remember that gaining followers will increase your notoriety, see what your followers want, offer and advertise your products or services, or bring traffic from that social network to your website or blog.

Buy followers

Buying followers to increase social mass on networks like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter is one of the trends in relation to the Internet today.Not only is it enough for users to buy a particular brand in an increasingly saturated market, but as a company, it should be more popular than its competition to reach the end consumer.How is this achieved? Well, buying followers and likes has become almost a first step in getting serious work on social media. And companies' social networks are increasingly important and therefore increasingly those that care about getting the most out of it.First of all, starting a business and exposing it on the Internet involves a lot of work time to get results. When buying followers for a company's social networks, this promotion work is quite accelerated.But why buy followers on the internet? Because by expanding the social reach a company has on social media, you can gain more visibility for the user. And not only is it important to broadcast on social networks, but also on other relevant websites and forums.It is a collective knowledge that social networks have changed everything. Also how we understand so far the company relationship with the rest of the users. In this sense, the purchase of followers on the internet will favor the arrival of other users interested in the brand. Increasing the number of followers favors brand visibility and also helps your site's SEO positioning. As a result, your company's visibility in search engines is also increased.

Why is buying followers so important?

As we said, when starting a business it is important to invest time and money in it.Bought followers are a type of investment that saves you time to achieve your company's goals.Bought followers have undoubtedly become one of the most common activities of any company that starts in the world of social media. In addition, visitors to a company's web and social networks are its engine. In this sense, increasing the social reach of a brand by buying followers on the internet generates numerous benefits for the company.

Benefits of buying real followers for your brand

Disclosure of your product or brand

In fact, it is fans of a brand who actually promote a product, service or the brand itself. That way, buying followers means that a large number of people, if you generate good content, will promote your project.Followers advertise the brandIf followers, once they know the brand, acquire and use it, are likely to make a value judgment about it. That is, they will directly advertise a product or service they have consumed.By buying followers, you can attract more users to the brand and are more likely to end up buying your products or services.

Gain followers with a small investment

When investing in a brand or company, the goal of the whole world is to have some benefits. In addition, buying followers means making a small investment in a particular project that will be recovered soon. The greater the social reach of a brand or company on social networks, the more users will be attracted. If many people like your brand, they are very likely to reach more people who also like it.

Are social networks really that important?

Think for a moment how social networks have completely changed the concept of brand promotion, products, services or companies. There are fewer and fewer companies that advertise in the newspaper, but more every day that they open one or more profiles on social networks.Social networks allow direct and immediate contact with users. For this reason, many companies decide to buy followers and likes in order to multiply this contact with other users who may be potential for your brand.Therefore, the use of social networks is a positive element in the promotion strategy of any company. Investing some money in the beginning when buying followers is a small expense that will recover quickly.Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are commonly used as promotion channels for the products a company sells. If you think strategically about working on these social networks, they can become the main promotion channels. From buying followers and likes to generating good branded content, there are tactics to improve brand awareness on these social networks.In this regard, there are many social networks on which companies can register to promote themselves. Anyone who has a project can open a profile of their business on social networks and promote.Starting in advertising by buying followers is to show that your project is valued by others, until it reaches high levels of popularity.For these reasons, social networks play a key role nowadays when it comes to promoting brands, products or services, especially for small businesses that cannot invest a lot of money in advertising on television or national newspapers. With small investments like buying real followers and working on the content, which is an investment of time, they can probably get very good results.After explaining all the above, we understand a little more why buying followers for social networks has become so popular among many companies and people

30 proven tips to help you get more Instagram followers

How to get more followers when starting a new Instagram profile.

1. Follow Instagram rulesMany out there just want to have more Instagram followers and Instagram is aware of that. And also the tactics used to get more followers. What does Instagram want? Instagram wants real users (not bots) to build their followers in a real way, which makes the platform attractive to companies (who then spend money on Instagram advertising). Therefore, it is important that you stay up to date with the latest updates (policies) on Instagram. For example, it was announced that Instagram is now actively against the use of third-party applications. Therefore, applications that automatically like, comment on or follow other accounts. Users who use these apps/bots to get more followers on Instagram should use it carefully ;).2. Choose an attractive and unique nameThe first thing you need in an attractive username, where people immediately know what they are dealing with and what they represent. Make sure your name is your name or describe what you are doing, especially if you are starting with your Instagram account. The clearer the better. This also determines the content you post to your profile and how quickly you can get followers on Instagram. It is faster in some niches than in others. It's also easier to get more followers on Instagram.3. Focus on 2-3 topics in your profileWhen selecting a photo, you should keep an eye on the thematic focus of your profile. Therefore, it makes little sense to post to a profile about sports if the focus of the profile is dealing with cars.4. Optimize your profileYour Instagram profile is crucial for the first impression. Do you want to get Instagram Followers, but you don't have a clear profile? Then you will have trouble gaining more followers. It is important that your Instagram profile is attractive and clearly structured. The clearer, the more Instagram followers you will have.5. The correct profile picture and clear description are important to get more Instagram followersUse a meaningful profile pictureThis should be a picture of you (on private accounts) or your logo on company accounts, so that other users (immediately) recognize your account immediately.6. Complete your bioDon't forget to specify your website on your Instagram profile. Alternatively, you can also link to a published blog article or your own product. Of course, you can also integrate an affiliate link into the site field. In the bio, you must specify what other users expect in your profile. There you can also leave your location or a special hashtag. As our own profile is designed, you can see here:7. Optimize your photosInstagram is a visual platform and therefore images and content are very good. There are some very good apps that will help you improve your images/content. Applications we recommend:

  • A history of color
  • TouchRetouch
  • Photo retouching
  • airbrush

Better photos will result in more Instagram followers.8. Have a uniform design.

It is important to adapt the design to your theme/niche. In addition, Instagram offers a wide selection of editing options. Make sure less is sometimes more. Many Instagram users can already see if a filter has been used or not.The more serious your profile, the fewer notable filters you should use. Try what suits you and your brand and get on with it. After a while, you will see that you have more engaged Instagram followers simply by noticing the amount of likes.

Simple strategies for more followers that you can implement immediately.

9. Comment and thank your target audience's postsFind other Instagram profiles that are also in your niche. Go to them, comment and like their posts, thus building a relationship and therefore drawing attention. Your audience will also visit your profile and find it interesting. You already have your next follower.10. Follow and UnfollowYou can also use the Follow and Unfollow function to get more Instagram followers. Make sure that:

  • Select the hashtags your target audience uses
  • Follow small profiles that are similar to yours. The reason is simple: Small profiles are more likely to help you. This will allow you to have more contacts and be able to exchange post shares. Another advantage is that when these Instagram accounts grow, you will be on the list of people who follow them and when others follow them, then they will recommend your Instagram profile and you can also get new followers on Instagram. Always think long-term about the growth of your followers.

Also, if these profiles become popular along with their amounts of likes, comments and views on your Instagram posts, more people will be reached, also getting a better ranking in the Instagram algorithm.Keep in mind that in the early days of your Instagram profile you will not follow more than 50 people per day and a maximum of 160 after a few months. After following a few hundred similar accounts, stop following after 2 or 3 days. Focus on the people who care about your content.To find and get new Instagram followers, look for an Instagram profile with 100,000 followers or more that suits your niche or theme. Check out your latest posts and find out who commented there.Do this in your last 3 posts. It is important that you do not follow accounts that follow more people than they have followers. If you do not find people who have commented on the posts, go to the people who liked the post.

Grow your Instagram profile

11. Interact with the right followers.The next step is to start commenting on other people's photos. As a result, you build relationships with other people and they will follow you. Of course, you may also often have to comment on a particular person until they notice them, but in the end, it's worth it.This will give you a new follower and maybe even someone who will actively follow you. Another important thing is that you REALLY respond to comments or likes from your photos. As a result, you establish a relationship with your Instagram followers, which makes them interact with your photos.The advantage of this is:Followers see what images this person likes and then look at you. And so you can get likes and more followers on Instagram.No wonder Instagram is a social network. Behind each profile, behind each like, behind each comment, there is a person (or a bot). Many easily fall into the mindset that the Internet is impersonal. Think... What if you do it differently? When do you personally contact your followers? What would this do for your company or profile? You would build a deep connection.12. Like other postsOne of the easiest ways to get more followers on Instagram is: like third-party posts. This will make other users aware of you and this will result in a new percentage of users following you and giving you likes on Instagram. The possibilities are almost limitless. You can find photos on Instagram by:

  • Search the most popular photos.
  • Find photos of people, places or things that interest you.
  • Search for relevant tags, also what interests you (e.g. if you want to see photos of Berlin, type #berlin)
  • Browse popular tags like #love, #food #Brazil, #fitness

Like the posts and just wait. Either you will get a like on one of your photos or someone will follow you on Instagram. In the past a good average is 500-1000 photos liked per day on Instagram.Now we recommend much less, because the Instagram system pays attention to the amount of likes that are made.So it is better to give fewer likes, especially in the beginning, to get followers on Instagram. Also, it doesn't make sense as a new account has made so many likes on other posts. We currently recommend a maximum of 300 likes a day or a little less.Well, you might think this is too much to gain Instagram followers. Do this as a challenge.This means you should do it for 30 days and then analyze how many Instagram followers you have gained. It is best to do this at a certain time of the day, for example, at night. So it takes you 30-60 minutes to enjoy the photos. Soon you will notice how you get more followers on Instagram.13. Tag your most active followers on InstagramGet in the habit of tagging other people in your posts. For example, link to the most active followers you have in your posts. This will increase the interaction rate and you will get new followers.As mentioned earlier, it is important that you build a relationship with your Instagram followers, especially those who like or comment on your photos regularly.This is very easy if you still have few Instagram followers. Then it gets harder. One way is to tag your Instagram followers most active in your posts.This strengthens the link and they share your posts or publish them again. This is also good for getting more followers on Instagram in the medium term.

Find the right hashtags

14. Use the right hashtags to increase Instagram likes and gain followersHashtags are used to thematically rank your post. Choose hashtags that describe your image. To get images of places, places of interest or other known places in a region, you should use local hashtags like #Berlin, #Rio or #SP.Get more followers on Instagram using local hashtags.Also consider whether the proposed hashtags match your image. Sometimes less is more. As with hashtags that are used very often, such as #love #tbt or #food, your post will stand out for less time. For less used hashtags, your photo will be visible longer, but you'll find it less often.Here it's best to take an intermediate position and use a combination of frequently and rarely used hashtags. In the search field, you can see how many posts there are for a specific hashtag.Instagram allows you to use a maximum of 30 hashtags. With apps like TagsForLikes, you can find popular and themed hashtags. But it is not recommended to overdo it.At the moment, Instagram sees the regular use of 30 hashtags as spam and can block it. Here it is also better to find a middle ground. One study found that 11 is the ideal number of hashtags for Instagram.15. Put locations in your postsGeographical locations help you gain more followers on Instagram, as your post will be found by more people when you have localization enabled.Geographical locations can increase your interaction rate by up to 79%. A geotagging is no more than the place or area where you are currently. This will help you find more people and increase your chances of getting more Instagram followers.16. Use subtitlesSubtitle is the description of posts. Conduct tests to find out which size of descriptions is best for your posts. We have the experience that longer descriptions lead to more interactions than shorter descriptions in publications.17. Ask questionsBy asking questions in the image itself or in the title, you can improve the interaction rate between your posts and get a much higher perception of authority. The higher your reach, the more likely you are to get more followers on Instagram. Of course, right? 18. Ask your followers to interactAn interaction request is a request in the description for people to:

  • Discuss your publications
  • Tag other people

How can interaction calls help you get more followers on Instagram? The interaction call is also important, since a higher participation rate will show Instagram that your posts are relevant and it will show your profile to more people on Instagram.For example, an interaction call could be: "Mark 3 friends who agree"And if only 10 people tag 3 friends each, you can get 30 new followers on Instagram and maybe those 10 will tag 3 more friends each again and so on on Instagram. This way you can get Instagram followers automatically.If you hit the Explore on Instagram tab with your posts, you'll get more likes than usual and many people who aren't your Instagram followers will like your posts. Then write the description:"Follow me for more posts about ...... (humor, tutorial, fashion, etc)"19. Take advantage of trendsAs long as it is compatible with your profile theme, you can also use current "trend hashtags". These hashtags often appear during sporting or musical events, special weather conditions or other varied events.

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Do you want to permanently gain more followers on Instagram? Do this:

20. Publish regularlyPlan when you will publish and the type of posts. The time will depend on your Instagram profile theme, as your users will be online at different times.On a business profile, you can see in the statistics when your followers are online.Another tip for getting more followers and likes on Instagram is to post regularly.We do not recommend that you publish more than 2-3 posts per day. You don't want to scare your Instagram followers.And if you decide now for 1, 2 or 3 posts, stick to it. Instagram's algorithm will also notice that you publish regularly, which gives Instagram a reason to appear in major posts.This is important because Instagram's algorithm wants people to stay on Instagram for a long time. And if you post more often, people will see more content, stay longer on Instagram, and Instagram will be able to display more ads and make more money. Their right, right? You won't succeed on Instagram if you publish an image only once in a while.Why? Other Instagram users will be notified when you post something new. So they like and comment, and as a result, Instagram followers can see that person who liked your photo (and then follow it at best). As you can see, posting new content on Instagram is extremely important to get more followers.21. Create a business profile on InstagramConvert your Instagram profile into a business profile, which is an Instagram business account.22. Know your Instagram statisticsThe business profile gives you access to your Instagram profile statistics, so you have access to the characteristics of your followers, and you know that, you can take advantage of the trends as we mentioned in topic 19.23. Post your messages at fixed timesDepending on the niche of your Instagram profile, your users will be online at different times.On a business profile, you can see in the statistics when your followers are online. This will tell you the correct time to post on Instagram. This will influence the amount of likes and comments you will receive on your posts.For example, if you post when your target audience is not online, you may not get Instagram followers (or get only a few), of course? First, find out when you have the most interactions in your posts. You are probably wondering how this works. Very simple, we recommend that you post several photos a day and keep an eye on the amount of interactions.This will make it easier to get followers on Instagram. The best time for some people may be between 6pm and 9pm, of course, this may be completely different for you.24. Reply to messages and commentsThe more comments you have among your posts, the better for you. This will help you establish a relationship with your most active followers, and the increase in Instagram activity shows that your profile is relevant and that more people will see your Instagram profile. Ultimately, you will get more followers on Instagram.

Use Instagram Stories to get more followers

25. Use Instagram StoriesThrough Instagram Stories, you create a strong link with your followers and new visitors can quickly get an idea of what you post on your Instagram profile. The more attractive, the faster you will have new followers on Instagram.Instagram stories allow you to create short video sequences that are displayed for 24 hours on your profile.

Why should you use Instagram Stories now?

Instagram Stories is displayed prominently on Instagram, even before posts, and is worth it because it is immediately noticed. The more you publish stories, the more they will be displayed directly to your followers. Learn how to download stories from Instagram.Your followers better still interact with your stories and see them all. Then Instagram's algorithm will rate your stories as very relevant. You'll get the best rankings for your niche and get more Instagram followers.Finally, Instagram stories offer many opportunities and often create an even more direct line for your industry. Unlike Instagram feed posts, it’s not about perfection, but authenticity. Behind the scenes, what you face behind the company and other interesting content formats build trust with your audience and strengthen the link.This will be interesting if you want to make money from Instagram. In general, it has been noted that Instagram Stories has greatly increased reach, allowing regular users of the tool to get more followers on Instagram.26. Use live videos on Instagram (LIVE)The live video feature allows your users to share events or their everyday lives in real time.27. Post videos to your profileVideos increase the interaction rate on your Instagram profile, which leads to more followers.Videos will be increasingly important to your Instagram profile in the future. The big advantage is that videos leave your followers longer in your feed or on Instagram in general.Few people post videos on Instagram these days. The benefit is huge and you will have more followers on Instagram. Because Instagram wants users to stay on the platform for a long time and rewards the profiles that make this possible.

Post your Instagram profile

28. Use other social networksThere are so many different social networks and each has its own content. Videos are shared on YouTube, images on Instagram and private content on Facebook. Use your existing accounts on other social networks to increase the recognition of your Instagram profile.29. Chat with other Instagram usersSearch Instagram users in your area and work with them. Mutual tagging on posts, messages at specific events, etc., helps you get followers on Instagram.30. Join Instagram groupsInstagram groups are a great way to quickly get more Instagram followers. Because comments and likes from big accounts will show Instagram that your posts are relevant and this boosts Instagram posts.

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