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To become an affiliate of Seguidores.com.br and earn by referring our services, simply:

1 - Be registered on our website

2 - Copy your affiliate link on the homepage of your account: https://seguidores.com.br/dashboard/affiliate

3 - Disclose the link to potential buyers.

Terms and Conditions

Seguidores.com.br Affiliates

From the Commissions:

Seguidores.com.br will pay commission for referral and through a system of "cookies" that indicate the source of visits and sales to the website.

The commission paid by Seguidores com.br to the beginning affiliate will be 10% (ten percent) on the total value of each sale, this percentage being increased according to the number of referrals made.

The affiliate may choose to keep the balance in his account and purchase our services or make cash withdrawals.

Commission payments will be made via PagSeguro (inform your PagSeguro email on the My Account page).

The commission will be available for use or withdrawal after 30 days from the date of sale.

The minimum withdrawal amount is R $ 100.00 (one hundred reais), and the first withdrawal will only be made after the affiliate has indicated at least 3 different customers.

Seguidores.com.br reserves the right to take the affiliate value in case of chargeback or cancellation of purchases by the customer indicated by the affiliate.

Income claim:

Seguidores.com.br does not offer any guarantee regarding the volume of income generated by participating in the affiliate program.

Seguidores.com.br will also not respond to possible technical problems, or those related to third parties, that may temporarily interfere or decrease the follow-up or service of the affiliate program.

Customer privacy:

According to the company's privacy policy, Seguidores com.br reserves the right to retain the identification and contact of the affiliates' customers.

Prohibited sites:

The affiliate undertakes not to distort the Seguidores com.br products or services nor to publish them on sites that promote sexual or violent material.

By indicating your affiliate program link, you automatically accept all terms and conditions as well.

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