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Buy Likes for Instagram: Frequently asked questions

No, you need to be in public mode.

For our system to perform any service, it is necessary that your profile is public, otherwise it will not be possible to deliver the contracted likes.

No. Seguidores follows the best standard to deliver to our customers the best quality services on the market without letting your account run any risk of being deactivated or banned.

Also purchase the comment service on Instagram to receive comments on your posts and further increase your engagement.

Engagement is the primary metric that Instagram uses to ensure that your post is seen.

From engagement, Instagram determines which posts are at the top of the feed.

Therefore, the more likes these brands get in their posts, the greater their engagement, and consequently will be seen by more people.

Thus, brands buy likes to get a quick boost in engagement.

In addition to being possible for your old posts to appear in the "Explore" tab of Instagram through the likes you have purchased, it also makes your profile look more natural, leaving several publications with a similar number of likes.

You can select up to 20 posts to share the likes acquired on Instagram.

Yes. You can choose your preference between female and male likes.

We will deliver as much as we can using the selected genre.

The choice of genre is very important for posts of sweepstakes or sponsors, as sponsors are able to check the percentage of genders in their profile.

You can choose the likes for certain regions.

This option is widely used for regional sweepstakes, where your target audience must be concentrated in that particular region.

In addition to the likes, also purchase the Instagram followers package, to further help in the growth and engagement of your profile.

Yes, delivery starts in a few minutes and is fast.

But if you are participating in a contest and need tanning in a short time to guarantee victory, we recommend purchasing the option & ; super fast delivery that will appear & ; at checkout, where we will give priority to your service and send you the likes in a faster way possible.

It's a service for you who want to grow your profile fast

  • In this plan you choose the amount of Instagram likes you want and can distribute among several photos.

  • With a few clicks you finalize the purchase and will be one step closer to achieving success with your social networks. Usually this service starts in a few minutes.

  • Security of your information, Confidentiality that you are buying, Guarantee of delivery and fast service are the principles of our company. Get the best services for your profile.

  • Risk-free service for your account and achieve incredible results. In addition to always remaining anonymous (our store was totally created from scratch and with measures so that no one knows about our customers' purchases).

  1. To receive the likes it is not necessary to enter password, only the link of the photos/videos in which you want to receive the likes.

  2. It is important that you keep the public profile until the completion of the service to receive all the likes.

  3. The likes are mostly Brazilian and real people and you don't need to follow people back.

  4. We do not remove the likes, they stay in the images and videos hired forever.

  5. It is possible to give preference for gender by choosing the sex of the people who will enjoy and the country informed by them but not the region or interest.

  6. Your likes pack can be all for a single post (photo/video) or you can split between several posts.

We have affordable prices to be able to serve from those who are starting your business or even people already established. Our mission is to help as many people as possible achieve their goals with your instagram page.

Buying on the internet brings doubts and insecurity, doesn't it? That's why we are very correct and it's no wonder we've been in the market for another 13 YEARS.

We work with complete secrecy, no one will ever know that you hired us. We always put more likes than the contractor in case someone removes the like, but it is very rare to happen.

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