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Buy Visualizações for Instagram: Frequently asked questions

Instagram Reels is a new way to record 15 to 30 second clips on Instagram. It is a resource created to compete and respond to the popularity of TikTok, allowing its users to create similar content within the Instagram platform.

There you can create fun content by adding filters and dubbing.

The Reels videos of other users are in the "Explore" tab that presents the videos of several popular accounts, and it is on this page that we want your content to reach when purchasing Reels views.

By purchasing Instagram Reels views you can increase the visibility of your content, as this feature will help you accelerate the increase in your reach, and the more views you have, the better you will be ahead of your competitors.

By purchasing views, you increase the chances of your videos appearing more often on Explore, improving ranking in that Reels 'audios and Instagram indications on other users' timeline. There is no use in several videos and few views.

Value your content and make your popularity go up there faster.

In a few steps we will teach you how to create your content:

Step 1: Open the camera on Instagram.

Step 2: Choose the option "Reels" at the bottom.

Step 3: Use the editing tools (Duration, Audio, Speed, Effects and Timer) on the left side to make your videos super fun.

Now just click on share. Remembering that you can add hashtags, captions, change the cover of your video and many other cool features.

There are 5 features that Instagram Reels makes available to edit your videos, they are:

Duration: Here you have the option to record a 15 or 30 second video;

Audio: In this feature, you have the option to choose any song present in the library Instagram, or use audios from other users that you have saved from their Reels video;

Speed: Speed gives you the option of leaving your videos both in slow motion and making them faster. Having the options (.3x .5x 1x 2x 3x 4x);

Effects: As in Stories, effects can be used in your videos, helping in the creativity of your video;

Timer: The timer is used so that you can make videos by yourself or with other people without having to hold the phone recording, or need someone to hold it for you.

There you can select the countdown between 3 or 10 seconds.

Recently launched by Instagram, Reels has the ability to drive the growth of your popularity or your company.

With the editing tools present in it, you can create content that is engaging, fun and capable of increasing interaction with your audience.

Reels videos tend to interact with Instagram users, much more than the other types of content you can post on the platform using the other features present on Instagram.

Although the two have a lot of similarity, we still managed to differentiate each other:

On Instagram Reels you can create videos up to 30 seconds while on TikTok you can create videos up to 60 seconds;

On Instagram Reels you cannot download videos from other users and nor do duets, already in TikTok, you can download videos and do duets; Instagram Reels is just one of the many features of the Instagram platform, whereas TikTok is the platform itself.

Like all of our other services, the answer is NO!

We do not need you to tell us your password or any other confidential information about yourself.

All we need is just your username and the video link for which you want to buy Instagram Reels views.

We work transparently and securely, bringing greater privacy to our customers.

Yes! This is a question that many of our customers have.

We know about your concern with your business profile, and for that reason we guarantee the security of our services so that you have total freedom to hire our service and see its popularity leverage, and consequently achieve the desired growth of your business.

All of our services are essential to help you grow your personal and commercial profile on Instagram.

But as a suggestion we can indicate the addition of likes for that same video during checkout and followers, which besides helping you to become an authority and popular in your area of activity, you can exceed the 10,000 followers that allows you to add links in Stories , the famous "Drag up", and thus promote your services, website, blog, etc.

Here you can buy visualizations on Instagram Reels by paying by PayPal using your credit card (in up to 12 installments) or debit card.

You can also pay by PagSeguro, PicPay and MercadoPago, bank slip, transfer (PIX, TED, DOC) and Bitcoin.

Buy Instagram Reels views securely now.

Some packages are available from which you can choose the option that has the number of views you want.

If you want more than the packages offer, just customize your number of views.

They usually begin to appear in their new publications within a few minutes after payment confirmation.

And the best: you don't need to reveal your password to buy views on Instagram Reels here at Followers!

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