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Why buy Avaliações Facebook?

Do you want to win customers through your Facebook page? The best way is to make a good impression, which consequently increases the number of followers and makes your page popular.

For that, you need to have a Facebook page that is well rated, that is, that has many stars.

To make your life easier and see faster growth, you can buy reviews for your Facebook fanpage. Understand below why you should do this.


High Quality Ratings/Stars Fanpage Millions of Ratings/Stars Fanpage Delivered

Why buy ratings and stars for my fanpage?

Facebook stars and ratings are super important, sometimes even more important than the number of likes or followers.

This is because they are an opinion considered more exempt, since it is other people who evaluate the page and leave the impression they have of the person or the company.

In addition, they can be a very important 'tiebreaker criterion'. If the person is in doubt about which company to hire for a service, for example, which one do you think he will choose?

The one that is rated three stars or the one that is rated four stars?

So it is very important to have a positive review, but this can be difficult, especially on the home pages. Buying ratings and stars can help bring more positive and spontaneous reviews to your page.

So, did you decide to buy reviews for your fanpage? Contact us and we will offer the most affordable plans for you.

We can also help you on other social networks, offering likes for your Instagram, for example.

Know our plans!

Who already hired us?

Among several clients, we can highlight the following categories of pages: online stores, bands, politicians, pastors, comedians, players (football, poker), humor blog, etc.

How does the Facebook Fanpage Reviews plan work?

  • It only works on pages (fanpages) and not on personal profiles.
  • You will receive all the positive stars.
  • Earn the ratings without entering a password, just the link to your Facebook fanpage.
  • The reviews remain forever, we do not remove and we guarantee if there is a big drop.
  • This service does NOT have filters by country, region, interest or gender. Users can be from anywhere in the world.
  • Write the reviews carefully as it is not possible to delete / correct them after they have been sent.
  • The fanpage or profile must be open to all types of public (not being limited by likes of certain ages, or people from certain regions).
  • The fanpage must be in the Local business category and must have added the business address in the settings.

The Power Of Social Why Increase Fanpage Reviews on Facebook?

  • Improved credibility and credibility
  • Highest ranking in the surveys
  • Improve engagement rate
  • Highlights in front of competition
timeline for success on Facebook

Buy Avaliações for Facebook: Frequently asked questions

It is through these reviews that your page is considered useful or useless.

When you receive multiple positive reviews, your page will receive greater authority, giving confidence to all users who are interested in the type of topic covered on your page.

By purchasing reviews, the chances of you increasing engagement and interaction on your page are much greater than a page with few or no ratings.

Sure. The main purpose of reviews is to attract potential followers and customers.

Reviews are responsible for showing if your page is a good place to visit or if it is just any page that does not attract the attention of any user.

Do not miss it time to acquire your ratings with us to generate a lot of interaction on your page.

The visiting card for your page, are your reviews.

A page with a lot of positive reviews gives a very confident tone to the audience, which causes the number of visits to increase every day more.

But the number of followers who evaluate the pages is very low, so there is a need buying reviews and ensuring that your page doesn't miss the opportunity to receive countless visits.

Sure. We guarantee the total delivery of our service and with the best quality available.

In rare cases there may be a big drop in the number of reviews, but rest assured that if it happens to your reviews, we guarantee that we will reset these reviews to your page.

No. Unless you tell someone you bought it, no one will know.

Our company follows high-level privacy standards to prevent data leakage.

And we never share your sensitive data or information with anyone.

Totally safe.

Facebook does not prohibit you from buying reviews.

There are some rules and regulations to be followed, and we work by respecting all platform guidelines to keep your account's privacy and security intact.

Yes. It is necessary that your page is fully open to receive your reviews.

You must disable any restrictions that you have on your page for any audience, whether by age, sex, regions, etc., so that our system can perform delivery of our service.

This depends a lot on the size of your page, it is always important to maintain a regularity between the number of likes on your page with the number of ratings.

If you want to make your fanpage attract a lot of attention but have few likes, ideally you hire also our tanning plan for your page, so that your fanpage has relevant numbers and that gives your audience greater confidence.

Sure. Our support will be available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

That's right, you will have support at any time of any day so that you can answer any questions or solve any problems you may have.

Our team is prepared to give you the full support you need.

Our means of communication are: Chat, WhatsApp, email and telephone.

We have the most varied forms of payment to help you hire our service.

You can choose to split up to 12 times through our credit providers: PagSeguro, MercadoPago, PicPay and PayPal *, we also accept boleto bancário, cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin), deposit and bank transfer (TED, DOC and PIX).

If your payment method is PayPal, please contact our team through our chat, email, WhatsApp or by phone call.

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