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Who Buys Facebook Page Likes and Followers?

  • 🌟 Influencers
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Buy Likes for Facebook: Frequently asked questions

The number of likes on a page is the most used way by users to detect whether that page is reliable or not.

Likes bring greater authority to your fanpage, so users access your page with the peace of mind of those who are accessing a reliable page for seeing such high numbers.

In addition, the visibility of your brand / company becomes much greater when you have many likes.

To make the purchase of the likes for your fanpage is very simple.

You must select the ideal plan and you will be redirected to the checkout.

At the checkout you will need to insert the link of your fanpage and select the payment method you will use.

After making the payment, just wait for us to receive the payment confirmation and follow the entire delivery process through the "My Purchases" menu on our platform.

People who buy likes for their pages seek to increase the visibility of their brand/company and consequently attract potential customers and followers.

This is because pages with many likes give the public a much higher confidence than other pages.

In addition to increasing visibility, likes help our customers make faster gains, since increasing visibility attracts more visitors and consequently can attract many new customers.

No. No user will be able to know that you have purchased likes, unless you tell them.

We have a privacy commitment with all of our customers and we never share any confidential information with anyone.

Your safety is our priority.

Sure. No likes will be removed by our team.

They will stay on your page forever.

In a few cases there may be a big drop in the number of likes, and in this situation we guarantee that we will replace your likes at no cost.

We are committed to delivering you a great service. quality and with total efficiency.

Possibly, yes. But we cannot guarantee that, as we do not control the profiles that will like your page.

It is up to these users to decide whether they will like or comment on your posts.

For this it is important that you work to create great content and make posts constantly and periodically to maintain a growing level of engagement.

And so every day your number of likes and comments will increase even more.

No. Facebook will not punish you or ban your page.

This operation is not illegal.

There are rules to be followed and our team strictly follows all the guidelines imposed by Facebook to not allow our customers to suffer any kind of sanction for buying likes.

The delivery time will vary according to the quantity of likes goods you hire.

From the moment we receive confirmation of your payment, we place your order immediately in the waiting list of our system.

This service is usually up to 24 hours after it enters the queue.

You can also follow the whole process through the "My Purchases" menu on our platform.

Yes. It is necessary that your page is open to all types of public, be it by age, sex, region, etc.

If your page is restricted, it will not be possible to carry out the process.

After the conclusion of the our service you can re-restrict your page, but only after the service is marked as completed, if you return the restrictions before the end of the process, your service will be terminated.

Yes. Our support team will be with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer any questions you may have or solve any type of problem that may occur.

Use our Chat, WhatsApp, Email or Phone to contact our support.

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  • Create a fan base for your band or solo career;

  • Be seen as an authority in your market.

And much, much more!

All this with security, confidentiality, support and UNCONDITIONAL 45 DAYS WARRANTY of likes on your page or your money back!

Buy likes for Facebook pages with the best! Count on Seguidores.com.br and let's build your digital success together.

Choose from the options above the plan that suits you best and if in doubt, talk to one of our consultants through the chat in the right corner of the screen.

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