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Buy Facebook Views (Videos) [2021]

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1000 Visualizações

R$ 47.00
  • Alta Qualidade

  • Sem Informar Senha

  • Geralmente inicia em até 12h

  • Esse serviço não possui filtros. Seja por região, idade, interesse ou sexo

  • Suporte 24h / 7 dias por semana

Best seller

5000 Visualizações

R$ 97.00
  • Alta Qualidade

  • Sem Informar Senha

  • Geralmente inicia em até 12h

  • Esse serviço não possui filtros. Seja por região, idade, interesse ou sexo

  • Suporte 24h / 7 dias por semana

10000 Visualizações

R$ 147.00
  • Alta Qualidade

  • Sem Informar Senha

  • Geralmente inicia em até 12h

  • Esse serviço não possui filtros. Seja por região, idade, interesse ou sexo

  • Suporte 24h / 7 dias por semana

Why buy Visualizações Facebook?

Popularize seus vídeos

Comprar Visualizações no Facebook?

Você pode adquirir um pacote maior e dividir entre vídeos de um mesmo perfil ou página, sendo o mínimo de 100 visualizações para cada vídeo. Por exemplo, adquirindo o plano de 1000 visualizações em vídeos, você pode fornecer até 10 links para receber 100 curtidas cada.

Quem já nos contratou?

Entre diversos clientes, podemos destacar as seguintes categorias de páginas: youtubers, lojas virtuais, bandas, políticos, pastores, comediantes, jogadores (futebol, poker), blog de humor, etc.

Como funciona o plano de Visualizações para vídeos no Facebook?

  • Funciona em vídeos de páginas(fanpages) e perfis pessoais.

  • Ganha visualizações sem visualizar outros de volta.

  • Ganha visualizações sem informar senha, apenas o link para seu vídeo no Facebook.

  • As visualizações permanecem para sempre, não removemos e oferecemos garantia.

  • O serviço de visualizações em vídeos do Facebook NÃO possui filtros por região, interesse ou sexo.

  • A fanpage ou perfil precisam estar abertos para todo tipo de público (não sendo limitado por curtidas de determinadas idades, ou pessoas de determinadas regiões), sendo marcado como serviço concluído caso trancar durante execução do serviço.

Porque comprar visualizações para vídeos no Facebook?

  • Prova Social com ganho considerável de confiabilidade e percepção de sua marca.

  • Aumento nas interações de sua fanpage/perfil.

  • Melhora em seu posicionamento nos sistemas de busca.

  • Fornece status de autoridade em seu nicho de mercado.

  • Valor de investimento e prazo para conquistar milhares de visualizações super baixos.​

como comprar visualizações Facebook

Questions about buying Visualizações Facebook?

Not find what you were looking for? Contact our support team.

  • Buying views on Facebook will I have more likes and comments?

    Probably, yes.

    The greater the number of views on your videos, the greater the engagement.

    But we cannot guarantee that you will get more likes and comments, as it is up to users to decide whether or not to interact with your content. profile / page, always try to create interesting and high quality content so that you convert more and more views into likes and comments.

    Combining our marketing services: views, comments and likes is a strategy that has a high level of efficiency.

    We recommend that you combine 2 or 3 services to obtain the maximum possible result quickly.

  • Can getting too many views on Facebook positively affect my account?

    Of course yes! Like all other social media platforms, Facebook's algorithm promotes posts and accounts with a high level of engagement.

    And by buying views you will increase your engagement rate and possibly be promoted by Facebook.

  • Is buying views on Facebook safe and secure?

    Sure. Each of our social media packages is delivered in the most secure and protected way.

    We use marketing strategies to help you grow your profile in a 100% legitimate way and free of any risk.

    You will never be asked for your password or other login information, thus ensuring total privacy for your account.

  • Can I purchase views for more than one video?

    Sure. You can hire our plan and divide it into several videos.

    But for that, each video must have at least 100 of these views.

    Being our minimum package of 1,000 views, you are entitled to share this package with a maximum of 10 videos.

    If you want to share for more videos, you will need to hire our plan 5,000 or 10,000 views, or make new purchases from the 1,000 views package.

  • How does view buying work?

    Buying on our platform is very simple.

    First you select the ideal plan for your project.

    After selecting the plan you will be redirected to the checkout, where you must insert the links of the videos you want to receive the views.

    Right after inserting the link or links, just select the payment method and you will be redirected to finalize your purchase.

    After payment just wait for our team to receive confirmation and start the process of delivering the views.

  • How do I find my video link on Facebook?

    If you are using Facebook on your computer/notebook: Open your video, then right-click anywhere on the video and select the "Show video URL" option.

    Or click on the 3 dots in the lower right corner and then select the option "Copy link".

    If you are using Facebook on your smartphone or tablet: Open a video in the Facebook application, click share and then select "Copy link" .

  • Will people know that my views have been purchased?

    Definitely not. We follow privacy protocols where no information from our customers is shared, whether personal data or contracted services.

    Unless you tell someone, no one will know.

    There is a certain common misconception that people think this service is somehow a cheat , which is not true.

    Our techniques are used constantly by large companies as part of social media strategy.

  • Why should I buy Facebook views with is the company that delivers marketing services for social media with the best quality and greatest responsibility.

    There are years in the market and thousands of satisfied customers who continue to hire our services for knowing the quality and seriousness of our customers. professionals.

    With Followers you receive guarantee, quality, security and privacy, everything you need to get the most out of your social networks.

  • Is it illegal to buy Facebook views?

    No. Facebook does not prohibit anyone from buying views.

    In its policy there are some rules that need to be followed.

    And our team works according to all the guidelines imposed by the platform, so that our clients are not at any risk of having their accounts banned or suffer any type of punishment for hiring our services.

    Your security and privacy are always our priority.

  • How can I pay for my views?

    We work with the main and most secure operators in the market, which are: PagSeguro, MercadoPago, PicPay and PayPal *.

    Through them you can pay by credit card up to 12 times or in cash on bank slip. also cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin), bank deposit and bank transfer (TED, DOC and PIX). * PayPal: For payment through this operator please contact our support via our chat, whatsapp, email or phone.


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