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Buy Followers for Facebook: Frequently asked questions

It's a fact that the greater the amount of followers you possess in your social media, the greater the interaction. But will buying followers attract an organic engagement? That depends, it depends on the contents you post and the company you buy these followers.

There are a lot of companies in the market selling followers anyway. In most of them, these companies sell at a very low price price and deliver followers of very low quality, which can harm and very much your profile and not allow you to increase your profile engagement.

Another factor that is waterdivider, is the content posted, always try to accomplish postings with the highest level of quality and maintain periodic postings, which is constantly defining a average of postings a week, so that you keep the public engaged and interacting with your profile or your mark.

The large amount of followers is a very important asset when you have a profile or a mark where you want to have a higher recon.

With this, purchasing followers is important to you that you wish to increase your account's engagement, because there is a great trend of your mark attracting engagement from those followers. With buying you also establish trust and credibility between your mark and your followers, who will now rely and rely on your mark even more.

There's gonna be a raise in traffic on your website since the link shared by your profile can be clicked more often. There's also the increase of content, which in turn, people with a large amount of followers are used by companies to become ambassadors of the mark, helping the contents go viral to attract the marketplace.

Sure. Com a Seguidores.com.br you can choose between several accessible packages of followers that will help upgrade your account.

Increase the amount of followers of your profile will also give you greater credibility and you can also improve your position in the Facebook research ranking and search sites, making more users see your profile and access it, and possibly become new followers.

To buy our Facebook followers you must follow in the following steps:

Step one, pick the ideal plan of followers for your account and click on buying and you'll be rerouted to the checkout;

Step two: in the text box, you must type the profile link that will receive the followers and click on;

Step three, select the form of payment to be used and you will be rerouted to make the payment;

After finishing the payment, you just wait for our system to confirm the payment, so that your service is immediately added in the waiting line to carry out the process.

We're not gonna remove any of the followers from your account. We deliver followers safely and guaranteed.

In case a major fall in the number of followers of your account, we assure you we will replace that lost amount.

First, we have to wait for our system to confirm your request payment.

After this confirmation, your request will be put immediately in the waiting line so our system can carry out the process.

Usually, the beginning of the process occurs within 24 hours after confirmation of your request payment.

It's possible to follow the status of every process that's being held, just for you to access the "My Shopping" menu on our website and follow up the entire delivery of your followers.

Yes. Your satisfaction always comes first, with that we're proud of our reputation as one of the most reliable websites to buy Facebook followers.

Our team is prepared and willing to meet you 24 hours a day, and take any doubt you'll ever have or solve any problems you might have. Contact us through our chat, WhatsApp, e-mail or phone.

You didn't find the package that fits your plans?

Send us a message through the chat, e-mail, WhatsApp or call us that we'll set up a special package that's ideal for you and your Facebook account.

To accomplish payment of your followers you can use quickly and secure the following operators:PagSeguro, MercadoPago, PicPay e PayPal*.

Through them you can pay in plain sight on the bucket or even 12 times on the card.

You can also make deposit, bank transfer, or still pay with cryptomoedas.

  • Gain followers without following back (you can receive requests from friends, just cancel that they will remain following you).

  • Everyone will follow you in a few hours, starting on average 24 - 48 hours.

  • Gain followers without entering password, just the link to your profile (works only on personal profile and not fanpage).

  • Most followers remain following you forever, we have not removed.

  • This service does NOT have filters by country, region, interest or gender.

  • The profile cannot be private and must have the option of followers active.

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