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10000 Listeners

R$ 257.00
  • High Quality

  • Without Password

  • You will start to see the result in 3 - 4 days

  • This service has no filters. Whether by region, age, interest or gender.

  • 24/7 support

Discontinued service
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3000 Listeners

R$ 97.00
  • High Quality

  • Without Password

  • You will start to see the result in 3 - 4 days

  • This service has no filters. Whether by region, age, interest or gender.

  • 24/7 support

Discontinued service

15000 Listeners

R$ 377.00
  • High Quality

  • Without Password

  • You will start to see the result in 3 - 4 days

  • This service has no filters. Whether by region, age, interest or gender.

  • 24/7 support

Discontinued service

Attention: the sale of this service has been discontinued and this service will no longer be offered on our website. This page will soon go offline.

Why buy Spotify Monthly Listeners?

Why buy Spotify Monthly Listeners
Why buy Spotify Monthly Listeners

Spotify is the most popular music streaming platform in the world, with more than 320 million users spread across 90 countries.

Investing in the platform is an excellent way to grow professionally and make your music more popular.

When you buy monthly listeners on Spotify, you will get greater exposure of your music on the platform, being able to gain a fan base that will follow your work.

Benefits of increasing the number of monthly listeners on Spotify

With the increase in the number of listeners and reproductions, artists become more prominent on the platform, since the Spotify algorithm tends to recommend artists who have greater visibility on the network.

With this, the audience that will have contact with your music will grow and, consequently, your organic numbers on the platform will also grow.

The public that uses Spotify in Brazil is varied and extensive. The platform has 61% of the total music streaming subscribers in the country. The trend is that the number will increase even more in the coming years.

Buying monthly listeners on Spotify: how does it work?

With Seguidores.com.br.br you will be able to buy listeners in a safe and confidential way, because nobody will know, after all, we guarantee your privacy.

The service will increase your listeners over the course of 30 days.

Become a successful musician on Spotify right now, contact us to learn about our plans and see what best fits your needs.

Seguidores.com.br.br is a company with great experience in the social networking market, see other services we offer such as the purchase of plays for Spotify.


Buy Spotify monthly listeners
Buy Spotify monthly listeners

It's amazing how many people use Spotify to listen to their favorite music and create amazing playlists.

On Spotify you can make your band more popular if you have a lot of followers and listeners, and you can gain followers through your playlists as well.

For musicians and artists, having a good number of monthly listeners on Spotify means being an authority and sharing your albums with what you most enjoy producing.

It means that you can promote your work to people who start listening to your music by closing more and more musical contracts.

If you want to promote your work and albums you must buy monthly listeners on Spotify. 

The Power Of Social Why Increase Your Monthly Listeners on Spotify?

  • Improved credibility and credibility
  • Highest ranking in the surveys
  • Improve engagement rate
  • Highlights in front of competition

How does our Spotify monthly listener purchase service work?

This is a classified service that will increase the number of your listeners in the next 30 days. Nobody will find out that you bought monthly listeners on Spotify to publicize your work.

More and more people will pay attention to their music.

Your audience and authority will increase considerably in a short time.

Start attracting a much more engaged audience today.

Seguidores.com.br.br is a pioneer in this segment of service sales for social networks in Brazil and has the best support. Here you have the guarantee that everything you hire will be delivered without a headache.

You will be able to greatly increase the reach of your music and become more famous on Spotify, making it possible to close more and more musical contracts and promote your music.

Buy Listeners for Spotify: Frequently asked questions

If you intend to have a super advancement in your account and increase your number of listeners quickly and very naturally, this service is for you. A service made especially for people who like a differentiated service, our team is increasingly innovating to deliver more and more quality and safety to our customers. To top it off, we have other Spotify services available to make you successful as quickly as possible.

Spotify has 61% of the total music streaming subscribers in Brazil. And the trend is only to increase. Investing in this platform is the best option for those who are a singer and want to see their music explode. The purchase of Spotify Monthly Listeners boosts these people's accounts, greatly increasing the chance of improving their position in the ranking when being sought.

Clear. We have been in the social media market since 2009, always delivering the best services to our customers. The experience acquired over these years makes us deliver the best quality service on the market, always offering guarantees and giving priority to the safety of our customers.

Clear. Our support will be at your disposal 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about the contracted service. We will be available through Chat, Email, Telephone and WhatsApp. Our support team is ready to help you if you have any questions, just get in touch.

After our system receives payment confirmation from your Spotify Monthly Listeners, your service order will be placed on the waiting list immediately. In order for you to start seeing the results of this service in your account, we ask that you wait between 3 - 4 days after the start of the process. For you to follow the whole process, you just need to access the "My Purchases" panel on our website and click on the "Status" tab, which you will be able to track everything.

No. It is necessary that your playlist is in public mode without any restrictions that control the visit of other users. Otherwise, our service cannot be performed. That is why we ask that you leave your playlist in public mode from the beginning of the service until the moment it appears as a finished service in the "Status" tab in the "My Purchases" panel.

No. We guarantee that your account will not be banned or blocked by the platform. There are rules that must be followed for Spotify to accept that your account receives these Monthly Listeners. For this, our team strictly follows each of the platform's guidelines to keep your account always safe. Our priority is always your security and privacy.

We know how difficult it is to be among the best today. And we also know that this is the desire of every budding singer who dreams of one day having his music at the top of the charts. So we have several services to help you in this project and boost your profile. What we can tell you, is to hire each of our Spotify services so that you can go further as quickly as possible, as we know how difficult it is to grow organically. We offer Followers for profile, followers for playlist, music plays and monthly listeners, all of which are able to boost and help you realize your dreams. We are here at your disposal to help you in your choices to become a hit.

No way, unless you tell someone. We work with absolute secrecy to ensure total privacy and security for our customers. We are so careful with the privacy of our customers, that in our list of customers we have singers, actors, artists, influencers, football players, among others of the hottest in Brazil. If we were not so secretive, we would not have several clients among the most famous in Brazil.

We give our customers the most varied ways to pay for your order. We work with the most secure operators in the market, they are: Mercado Pago, PagSeguro, PicPay and PayPal *. Through them you can pay in cash, in the boleto or debit card, or install up to 12 times on the credit card. You can also make a bank transfer (TED, DOC and PIX) or deposit. And pay through cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin).

* For payment via PayPal, contact our support to receive the payment link.

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